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Being a mother of 3 young kids and working full-time is very stressful. As a result, I had a lot of stress-related tension headache and allergies, causing me to seek out many doctors to get treatments. Since I started learning Tai chi, my headache and allergies have gotten so much better, and I gradually need less and less medications for these problems. I will definitely continue to come for Tai chi practice regularly, so that my health can continue to improve.

Wen T.

My daughter is 5 years old, and she was having difficulty transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. Although Mary is very bright and knows her class materials well, she has difficulty staying focused in her class. After she started learning Tai chi, Mary gets a lot calmer and more focused at school. She is also quite healthier and happier than before. I am very thrilled to see her improving so much, and I am grateful to Health Arts Institute for helping my daughter do so well.

Cindy Q.

I come here for Tai chi with Dr. Vo. I initially started Tai chi because my daughter said that Tai chi is good for osteoarthritis of the knees, and after attending classes, I notice a marked improvement in knee pain and flexibility. Dr. Vo is very knowledgeable. His cues are good and he repeats them as necessary. He's very concerned about his students and encourages questions. The sequence has an easy flow to it, there's no jarring movements nor transitions. I highly recommend these classes.

Paru S. Long Beach, CA

Tai chi with Dr. Vo is amazing. His students look 10-year younger by the time they finish their Tai chi exercise!

Mary R.

I used to have uncontrolled high blood-pressure and chest pains despite a lot of medications, causing me to be admitted to the hospital several times—including once for a minor heart attack. In addition, my energy was very low, and I felt exhausted going through daily activities. After I started practicing Tai chi with Dr. Vo, my blood pressure becomes under control—with a minimum amount of medication, and I feel energized throughout the day. Now I start every day with my Tai chi exercise, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

William D.

I had very bad diabetes, causing me to have frequent attacks of low blood sugar and the shakes as a result. In addition, my wife and I tried to have children for a long time without success. After I started learning Tai chi with Sifu Matthew, my shakes went away and I need less insulin as time goes by. My wife and I also were able to conceive a beautiful baby girl, and we feel really blessed and grateful to have had such an amazing experience as a result of learning Tai chi!

Henry K.

My mother-in-law had really bad dementia towards the end of her life: She would call my wife by the name of an actress on TV! So when my wife started to have some forgetfulness, I became very alarmed and encouraged her to join Dr. Vo's Tai chi classes. My wife did really well, and now her mental clarity is as good as it has ever been. In addition, she also overcame arthritis pain in her low back and knees. I am very happy and grateful for her doing so well, and I am just amazed by the healing power of Tai chi!

Robert M.